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The email notification from workflow and event notification module is not working even though the event did get triggered. Why?

There could be 3 likely reason for this.

1. One is that you have given a improper value to the website's property of "smtpIP" and "smtpPort". The email notification engine from the AMS requires a proper settings for the SMTP server in order for the email to be sent out. If you don't have any specific SMTP server to use, then you can set "smtpIP" to the value of "" and "smtpPort" to "25". This settings tells AMS to use its own email relay "sendmail" as the forwarding agent for all email originating from the AMS for this particular website.
2. Does your SMTP server requires authentication. Ensure that the AMS server have the permission to connect to the SMTP and send mail using it. If it requires authentication, then you need to provide the username and password under the website's property settings "smtpUsername" and "smtpPassword".
3. If the SMTP settings under website property are already correct, then the other possible reason is that the SMTP/relay server is down. You have to make sure that SMTP server is up before you can try sending mails thru it. If you are using local sendmail (i.e. smtpIP="") then you can try restarting the sendmail daemon which should resolve the issue generally.

Otherwise, contact the email server administrator of the server that the AMS is connecting to.

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