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How to I increase the file upload size limit for files stored to the database ?

By default, MXAE allows up to 16MB of file size to be uploaded to the database through AMS or website. This value can be increased as deemed necessary with the following steps.

Suppose the desired new file size limit is 25MB, perform the following:

1. Edit the file php.ini

a. post_max_size = 25 MB
b. upload_max_filesize = 25M
c. memory_limit = 256MB

2. Edit the file my.cnf:

a. max_allowed_packet = 25MB.

Suppose the website database is w00001. Execute the following sql statements to the `article_data` table of w00001 (website) database.

"ALTER TABLE `article_data` CHANGE `ard_size` `ard_size` INT UNSIGNED NOT NULL DEFAULT '0'" "ALTER TABLE `article_data` CHANGE `ard_data` `ard_data` LONGBLOB NOT NULL"

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