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How do use the sub-domain redirection available under the AMS (Tools)?

The sub-domain redirection is used to redirect traffic based on a certain sub-domain to a specific page within the same website. Let's say you have a website called "www.website.com" , however you also want "support.website.com" to point to a specifc support page you have built. Having "support.website.com" as a shortcut to the support page will help you to promote the support page much better. Based on this example, "website.com" is your primary domain , "www.website.com" is your default domain and "support.website.com" is your sub-domain. In order for the NeoFission MX Sub-domain Redirection to work, you must have your "support.website.com" DNS entry (A Record) pointing to the same IP server as your "www.website.com" and/or "website.com". If you already have a wildcard entry such as "*.website.com" pointing to the Publisher, then you can perform sub-domain redirection for any sub-domain without having to do anything at the DNS level. To check whether the sub-domain in question is actually pointing to the Publisher, you can attempt to perform a "ping" and check whether IP returned is the same as the primary or default domain.

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