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How do use the sub-domain redirection available under the AMS (Tools)?

[AMS] 17 Oct 2006

The sub-domain redirection is used to redirect traffic based on a certain sub-domain to a specific page within the same website. Let's say you have a website called "www.website.com" ...

Whenever I tried to update or create templates from the AMS, I received an error message saying "Unable to upload '/tmp/xxxxxx' file" or "upload failed".

[AMS] 17 Oct 2006

1. File permission at the Publisher's "[docroot]/templates/" path has been changed where the website user does no longer has...

How to I increase the file upload size limit for files stored to the database ?

[AMS] 29 Aug 2006

Suppose the...

The email notification from workflow and event notification module is not working even though the event did get triggered. Why?

[AMS] 29 Aug 2006

1. One is that you have given a improper value to the website's property of "smtpIP" and "smtpPort". The email notification...

How can I edit/change the published date of an article from the AMS?

[AMS] 24 Aug 2006

Setting and editing published date is called scheduling capability which you have to enable within the program. In MXAE, you can enable scheduling by editing the program properties and...

Where can I set the SMTP setting in MXAE ?

[AMS] 29 Jun 2006

SMTP server setting can be set at AMS under the following tab.   AMS -> Maintenance (Left Bar Menu) -> Website Properties -> "smtpIP & smtpPort".

Where is the language localization files are located in MXAE and how does it works?

[AMS] 15 Jun 2006

The language localization files are located at mxlib/resource/language/ .The language file is generated based on combination of the value in the language and the charset properties under Website...

When I access the AMS, I get a "Invalid license key" error.

[AMS] 15 May 2006

Upon updating the license key, restart the Apache web server issuing...

How to restrict access to the AMS?

[AMS] 15 May 2006

Access can be restricted through IPs of machine. The /usr/local/mxae/apache2/htdocs/mxapp/config.ini file has 2 settings that will work together to allow access to the AMS. The first setting is ...

How can I improve the performance of my website pages?

[AMS] 15 May 2006

The first thing to do when a website performance is slow is to look into ways of caching static pages or pages that are most accessed. Home page, FAQ, etc are pages that can be easily cached to...

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