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Why when users post an article, it is published in the AMS but I can't view that article in my website until after few minutes or few times refreshing the webpage?

[AMS] 15 May 2006

If this happen when the AMS, publisher and database located in different servers, the most probabilities is caused by different of server time or time zone or server time is not synchronize with...

When does Sub-Domain Redirection work well?

[AMS] 15 May 2006

Subdomain redirection only works if you have a wild card entry in your DNS (eg. *.skali.net) pointed to the same server

Why does a user session still expire even if we have set the website property(sessionTimeOut) to never expire(0) in AMS?

[AMS] 09 May 2006

There is a configuration(session.gc_maxlifetime) in php.ini that specify the no of seconds before the session expire. Default setting is 1440 seconds (24 minutes). To make a website with member ...

How do we activate staging mode?

[AMS] 04 May 2006

Staging mode can be activated by logging in from the publisher with a query string _mxAuth=1. E.g. If your website is biz.companycom, then you can put in your URL...

How can i provide my own trigger function when a new AMS user has been added?

[AMS] 04 Apr 2006

Login to AMS, click to tools >> event notification, then add an event notification item for the any object that you would like to be notified.

How can i know how many and who is logging into the AMS system?

[AMS] 04 Apr 2006

Login to the AMS, click on maintenance, check on Who’s Online, the list will show which users have logged in to the AMS system.

how can i change the language dynamically in AMS?

[AMS] 04 Apr 2006

Login to AMS, click to view website property, a. select category >> Website >> modify the value for charset b. select category >> Website >> modify the value for language

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