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How do I redirect a page to the search page without using the 'tpl' parameter?

[Publisher] 17 Oct 2006

In order to go to a search template, you can include 'tl=64' parameter in your redirection URL.

Why do I see "Blank Page" when I browse and test my newly developed template?

[Publisher] 12 Sep 2006

If you do see "blank page" in your website during the course of template development, please check the following logs for more information: /usr/local/mxae/apache2/htdocs/mxlib/[w...

I have two publishers setup in a load balanced environment hosting more than one website. How can i have one website always going to the same publisher?

[Publisher] 15 May 2006

That's a feature of the load balancer and not relevant to MXAE. Most load balancers in the market should be able to support simple rule-based traffic redirection by specifying that all request ...

Why does the system indicate "No Result" when I try to search for records under a specific channel using the search engine?

[Publisher] 15 May 2006

There may be 2 reasons for this. There are no programs under the CHANNEL. The articles are all under a SUB-CHANNEL and this SUB-CHANNEL is a channel under the CHANNEL BM. i.e.:...

What are the best practices when writing PHP code to prevent from SQL injection or remote execution?

[Publisher] 04 Apr 2006

Always use the mxObjects obtained through the publisher object as much as possible. Data accessed and used through these objects will be protected from SQL injection. If you are using the ADODB on ...

How to grab windows NT Login from windows server by using PHP code?

[Publisher] 04 Apr 2006

Windows NT domain login session can only be visible by an IIS server with ASP enabled. This IIS server has to be part of the windows domain controller and the user running the IIS has to be...

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