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Where can I set the SMTP setting in MXAE ?

[AMS] 29 Jun 2006

SMTP server setting can be set at AMS under the following tab.   AMS -> Maintenance (Left Bar Menu) -> Website Properties -> "smtpIP & smtpPort".

Where is the language localization files are located in MXAE and how does it works?

[AMS] 15 Jun 2006

The language localization files are located at mxlib/resource/language/ .The language file is generated based on combination of the value in the language and the charset properties under Website...

How to group articles by year and display it by making use of the 'cache mechanism' and 'mxae API' ?

[API] 25 May 2006

By using the followng code: <?php $str = $_mxPub->getApp()->getCache('myblogyear', MX_CACHETYPE_PERSISTENT); if ($str == null) { // no previous cache or cache has expired, so ...

How do I set the timeout value for idle ssh sessions so that it will be automatically logged out?

[System] 15 May 2006

Edit the /etc/profile file as follows: # Added 3600 seconds timeout for idle sessions, value in seconds TMOUT=3600 export PATH USER LOGNAME MAIL HOSTNAME HISTSIZE INPUTRC TMOUT Th...

When I access the AMS, I get a "Invalid license key" error.

[AMS] 15 May 2006

Upon updating the license key, restart the Apache web server issuing...

Why can't I connect to proftpd server or how to limit access to proftpd server?

[System] 15 May 2006

Edit the file /usr/local/mxae/etc/proftpd.conf with the IPs allowed as follows: <Limit LOGIN> Allow, DenyAll </Limit>

Why do I get "Filesize limit exceeded" errors?

[System] 15 May 2006

2. /usr/local/mxae/apache2/logs/*.log (any of the log...

How do I check the connection details of the NIC?

[System] 15 May 2006

Supported link modes: 10baseT/Half 10baseT/Full ...

How do I check if MySQL replication is running?

[System] 15 May 2006

shell > /usr/local/mxae/mysql/bin/mysql -u root -p -socket=/tmp/mxmysql.sock -e "show slave status...

"Login to host failed" popup window appears when clicking on File Management in AMS GUI.

[System] 15 May 2006

Restart the agentd by issuing the following command or try to login using an ftp client to the user using the...

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