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How can I know how many members and who is logging in to my website currently?

04 Apr 2006

<!--[list mode="member" login="300"]--> //This tag will list down all the members that are still within <!--[/list]-->

How to do page navigation like "Page: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4" ?

04 Apr 2006

<!--[list mode="article" parent="myprogram" quantity="5"]--> <!--[if condition="$count == $last"]--> <!--[navigation...

Can I apply my TSL in the article body instead of template body?

04 Apr 2006

Please refer to this similar question.

How can publisher be configured to return error messages of a different language if the website uses more than 1 language?

04 Apr 2006

NeoFission MX Application Engine as of version 1.0.14 provides the features to support website with multiple languages to return appropriate error messages. Developers just need to specify the...

Is navigation link working in the ac level?

04 Apr 2006

It is working. However, custom modification need to be done if the program that referred by the TSL listing is different with the current webpage program. $st and $nh are two variables that can...

How can I produce an accumulated grouped bar graph using TSL tagging?

04 Apr 2006

Currently, NeoFission MX TSL (as of version 1.1.0) can only support the following simple graph types:bar & (grouped bar & accumulated bar)line & (line + bar)piepie3dGrouped accumulated ...

When do we need the function "autonl2br" as such ?

04 Apr 2006

This function is to break the next line of an article's body to a new line automatically if the article's body is a plain text content rather than a HTML content.

How to customize the Y-axis of a bar graph /line graph using TSL?

04 Apr 2006

Currently this feature is unavailable through TSL. It can be done through PHP by calling the JPGraph directly.

How to use TSL to list and sort programs by some other fields than program ranking?

04 Apr 2006

It is currently no way to do this except to manually sort them using MXAE API and manually displaying them as well.

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