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TV and Radio Advertisement Booking System

TV and Radio Advertisement Booking system provides integral e-business infrastructure, automations, solutions and services which empower TV and Radio Stations to conduct their operations effectively. The systems data can be integrated to current Radio and TV playback system so that both operations can be effectively scaled without significant impact on costs and manpower. The solution offers an easy of use, easy to deploy solution and an attractive return-on-investment for client.

Main Application Components :

TARISS - The vision of TV and Radio Integrated Systems Server (TARISS) is to be the single point of entry and access into the enterprise operation, process automations, services, applications and information for both TV and Radio operations. It serves as the basis to enhance the level of operational effectiveness. TARISS is a centralized system comprised of integrated modules to assist in controllingin controlling, extracting, aggregating, organizing, and managing of the knowledge / information. Integration to the sources of information, services and applications is achieved using a common enterprise application integration platform. TARISS not only meets the current needs but also be a flexible and scalable platform to meet future needs through incremental configuration and customization. TARISS is built upon proven technologies which will provide scalable and robust solutions.

MIDAS - Media Instruction Digitization and Aggregation System (MIDAS) is an external application which is embedded to the existing TV and Radio Advertisement Booking systems. The main functions of MIDAS isfunctions of MIDAS are to automate the process of digitization and aggregation of all TV and Radio Media Instruction documents. MIDAS acts as the agent for monitoring, receiving, aggregating, assigning and storing the incoming Media Instruction documents from advertising agencies and branch executives. The workflow engine of MIDAS automates and control from the start to the end of the booking process. All Media instruction documents are in the form of digital format and are kept on central database. These documents are referenced to the contract thus making the process of data input, verification, approval and referencing much more secure, easier and efficient.

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