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Custom Attributes

You can actually define your own custom attributes and access it via the MXAE API. This is good if you would like to pass certain parameters to a block tag such as "list". For example:

<!--[list parent="-1" mode="article" start="0" mycustomattr="my custom value"]-->
    <?php echo "mycustomattr = ".$GLOBALS['_mxPub']->getTSL()->getAttr($_mxLevel + 1, 'mycustomattr'); ?>

You can also pass variables into the custom attributes which will get evaluated at run-time just like the built-in attributes.

The other usage where this can be useful is treating the custom attribute(s) as parameter(s) when including a different template. For example:

<!--[template code="header" myattr="hello world"]-->

Then inside template "header", you can access the attributes by calling this function:

<?php echo "myattr = ".$GLOBALS['_mxPub']->getTSL()->getAttr($_mxLevel, 'myattr'); ?>

Note that in accessing the custom attribute within a template, you don't have to offset $_mxLevel with a "+1".

You can have define as many custom attributes as desired. 

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